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Volume 1: The Calloway Chronicles

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For generations their secret has been kept guarded but a prophesy could change everything. A prophesy known as The Rising. 20 years ago one family was caught in the middle of this conflict and now a new threat will bring them all back together.

Volume 1: The Calloway Chronicles

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Our story begins in a small farmhouse, home to a unique family by the name of Calloway, who just happen to be some of the most wanted by a powerful organization known as The Council


20 years later, a dangerous new player is emerging that threatens the balance of the Council and Artie Calloway is about to discover exactly how dangerous, plus the latest on her two brothers Ulysses and Alexander decades after the siege at the farmhouse


As the danger that is The Shadow Prophet increases, each of the Calloways find themselves drawn further into the escalating conflict, all while new players emerge with secrets of their own

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